Pipeline Protesters Arrested Defending Tree Cutting on Families Land

By Michael Badges Canning Federal Marshals with automatic weapons and bullet proof vests. Sheriff’s deputies and state troopers dispatched to “keep people safe.” Something terrible must be happening in Pennsylvania’s forests to result in this show of power. Something terrible is happening, but it’s not what you may think. Large corporations are taking lands owned […]

The Silent Majority: Photographing Donald Trump’s Rallies

By Robert Lee Bailey I just wanted to ignore Donald Trump’s campaign. Like so many other people, I thought it would fizzle out at some point. But gradually his rhetoric–and the violent consequences of it–became too glaring for me to ignore. On February 29, 2016, I saw the video of Time magazine photographer, Christopher Morris, […]

Preserving the Soul of Pittsburgh

By Ray Gerard Increasingly, concerned groups are pointing out that Pittsburgh’s development policies are having hugely negative effects on the very neighborhoods they’re supposedly developing. People are being priced out of their homes, evicted from their apartments, and made to feel unwelcome in their own neighborhoods. Project after project is aimed toward the very wealthiest […]